Unique Features

What makes us different?

SRP Vaccine Technology

SRP (Siderophore Receptor and Porin) Vaccine Technology in our breeding stock provides multi serotype salmonella protection in poults through maternal (acquired) immunity.  Developed by Epitopix solely for use by Ag Forte we are the only turkey breeder in the world with access to SRP Technology.

Sustained Release Vaccine (SRV)

Developed by Life-Science Innovations (LSI) in conjunction with Epitopix, Ag Forte provides the first sustained release vaccine platform. The SRV allows day of age vaccinations to be administered and then proceeds over several weeks to release antigens as each birds immune system matures. This ultimately ensures a strong immune response to these antigens. Currently Ag Forte can offer this protection against E. coli and Hemorrhagic Enteritis (HE) with additional products against Newcastle and Bordetella underway.

With over 70 years in the turkey breeding and hatching industry we have the most experienced breeding and hatching operations team in the industry.

Willmar Logistics

Custom designed trucks and trailers specifically designed to optimize poult transportation conditions allowing for poult delivery across the US. We have the ability to transport our birds long distances in equivalent environment of hatchery.

Nursery-Brood System (Coming Soon!)

Our Nursery-Brood System harnesses proprietary LSI designed technology to optimize the poult rearing environment. We are able to provide the delivery of 7 day old turkeys to customers thereby circumventing the challenges of conventional placement of turkeys immediately after they hatch.

Hatchery locations in Minnesota, Missouri, Virginia and Ohio allow us to effectively distribute poults nationwide